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Tranquil and cozy,  our space allows clients to enter deep relaxation during treatment. We do our best to find the right amount of pillows, warmth, music, and the optimal position for each individuals' need. 

Julianne is board certified by the National Certification for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Michigan. She holds a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Pacific College of Health and Science in Chicago, IL.  Julianne has been a practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine since 2009 and uses her honed skills to help her clients live a more balanced and full life. 

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“I suffer from a progressive, degenerative disc disease that causes severe, sometimes debilitating, back pain. Following the complete failure over several years of Osteopaths and Chiropractors trying to manage my pain, in 1980 I tried acupuncture out of desperation. After the first session I started to feel relief. I’ve relied on acupuncture to help manage my back pain ever since. I’ve had acupuncture in Australia and China as well as in the USA, and have been fortunate to have worked with several outstanding practitioners over the last 36 years. I started acupuncture treatments with Julianne in 2012. Without question, Julianne is by far the best acupuncturist with whom I have ever worked. I was immediately impressed with her professionalism and thoroughness. She is genuinely concerned about my problem, and skillfully probes to try to ascertain its nature on every visit. She often combines cupping and acupressure with acupuncture, depending on how I feel on a given day. I feel significantly better after each session. Julianne is a pleasure to work with. She is a genuinely nice, caring person, with a calm demeanor and an outstanding focus on my problem. I recommend her thoroughly and without hesitation."

Ernest D.

We use a combination of Chinese medicine practices to help restore balance to the body, reduce pain and induce deep relaxation to optimize ones ability to heal. 

Acupuncture needles are inserted to help free the flow of energy in the body and reestablish balance for optimal health.  Sometime a medicinal heat therapy called moxabustion is used to warm and stimulate areas of the body to assist in this process. After the acupuncture needles are removed, cups or a gua sha tool may be used on areas of pain and tension to help soothe and relax sore muscles. 

We may recommend an herbal formula to assist in your healing.  Chinese herbology comes from an ancient knowledge of plants and their unique healing properties. These can be taken in pill form, a liquid tincture or a tea. 

"I've been using acupuncture for years and I've seen a number of practitioners.  Julianne is, by far, the best one ever.  I get relief from chronically tight muscles (especially in my hips and low back) with each treatment.  I've likened acupuncture to "chocolate melting in the sun".  The relief from all the muscles releasing around the needles at almost the same time is incredible.  If you've ever had a massage, times it by 50, and you'll come close to how good acupuncture feels."

​Terri R