​Acupuncture  / Chinese Medicine

What We Treat

​julianne Robinson LLC

Initial Visit / Consult and Treatment - 1 1/2 hours       $130

Follow up Visits - 1 hour      $80

Appointments available Monday thru Friday   +1.5175257794

Visits and Pricing

Because Chinese medicine treats a pattern or grouping of signs and symptoms, it is often possible to treat several complaints at the same time. We believe in providing individually tailored treatments to resolve disharmony and restore balance within the body. During your first treatment, we will gather information to help guide us in this task and explain how your symptoms may be connected according to Chinese Medicine theory.  

pain; joint, low back, neck, sciatica, sports injuries

women’s health; menstrual irregularity, infertility, menopause

digestive disorders; reflux, irritable bowel disease, chronic gut issues

allergies/asthma/sinus disorders; chronic sinusitis, sinus headaches

emotional well being; depression, anxiety, stress

chronic diseases; heart disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol 

sleep disorders


chronic fatigue